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Holloway Consulting group has been retained as Construction Defects Experts on a wide range of construction and design defects matters.

Construction Defects Experts

Hotel Building Wrap

Delays to Building Closure, and Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (“EIFS”)

On most hotel projects, achieving building closure and dry-in are critical milestones.  Had the structural concrete work been performed per the contract schedule, the subcontractor would have had time to complete its Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (“EIFS”) work over the summer of 2006, before the fall and winter seasons, and permanently dry-in this California resort condo/hotel project.  However, the general contractor was not substantially complete on the roof until early October 2006. Therefore, the sub could not complete its EIFS system before the cold weather set-in.  This resulted in the need to first wrap the building in September 2006 to achieve temporary dry-in, and then rewrap the building (as a result of subsequent wind damage).  Temporary dry-in was achieved around the end of January 2007, thus allowing the GC to heat the floors and the sub to tape/texture drywall. 

The six-month-plus delay to temporary dry-in resulted directly from the GC’s structural concrete and roof steel delays, which resulted in:

1.    Delays to EIFS work;
2.    The requirement to wrap and rewrap the building, and;
3.   Delays to building heat, d/w tape and texture, doors, tile, guestroom finishes, etc.

A wind storm destroyed the wrap and the rewrap was paid for via the sub’s builders risk insurance claim.


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