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The Holloway Consulting Group, LLC – Top Ten Worldwide Construction Consultants

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The Holloway Consulting Group, LLC Top Ten Worldwide Construction Consultants

Construction Consulting Services

– Claims Services – Consulting Services – Cost and Damages Expert Services – Design/Defects Expert Services – Disputes Services – International (non-U.S. Projects) Consulting Services – […]

Construction Claims Mitigation Owner’s Schedule Approvals

The Holloway Consulting Group is an international construction consulting firm, and one of our roles is serving clients as Scheduling Consultants. Some of The Holloway Consulting Group’s experiences as Scheduling Consultants are shown at Construction Design, Schedule Delay and Damages Claims and our blog at Construction Schedule Delay Claims covers some of the basic schedule […]

Construction Consulting Expert Services – Claims Disputes Consultants

If you’re searching for a construction expert witness, and don’t want to wade through online directories in the hopes of finding us, you’ve reached the right site:

Do you need assistance in Mediation or Arbitration? Read More

Do you need help with Construction Defects? Read More

If you need help with Project Scheduling […]


Holloway Consulting provides construction claim services to all parties involved in the construction process. Our clients include law firms, public agencies, developers, owners, design professionals, construction managers, general and trade contractors, etc.

Over the past 22 years, Steve Holloway and other staff members have been certified as experts before arbitration panels and courts in […]



Bid errors resulting from time pressures during the construction project bid preparation process are one of the common features in construction contract disputes. Bids are often prepared under great time pressure, which often results from two causes:

(1) The time allowed by the client between the invitation to bid/propose […]

Construction Consulting Schedule Acceleration Costs

The final requirement for recovery of damages in a constructive schedule acceleration claim is that the contractor shows a causal relationship between his claimed costs and his attempt to speed-up the completion of the work. An accepted way to accomplish this is through a critical path method (CPM) construction schedule analysis. If the construction contractor […]

Construction Schedule Experts | Constructive Acceleration

An important factor in constructive schedule acceleration is that the construction contractor is compelled to perform more rapidly than required by the original or adjusted schedule, therefore entitling him to recovery under the provisions of the contract. A common way for contractor’s to attempt to show the date to which the contractor is entitled to […]


TERTIARY CO2 RECOVERY UNIT; TEXAS Construction Contract Dispute

The project in question was a grass roots tertiary CO2 recovery unit in Texas. The dispute between the mechanical contractor and the plant owner arose during the job when the contractor’s labor productivity began to suffer and costs increased, and the contractor submitted a Request for Equitable […]

Construction Estimate Experts


Someone once told me (Steve Holloway) they would rather go to Vegas and roll the dice than be a construction contractor. The drama in the statement not withstanding, our clients and the subscribers to our newsletters can agree that construction is a very risky business and no element is more risky […]

Construction Change Order Experts

The argument as to whether or not a contractor has waived or reserved its rights in the construction change order process is a consistent component of construction contract claims and construction disputes. Several sub-issues which are the subject of this article occur with predictability during the change process:

1. Failure on the part of […]