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Holloway Consulting is a leading Construction Consulting Firm providing construction scheduling, delay analysis and contractor and owner claims services to U.S. and International clients. This post continues Holloway Consulting Group’s series on Construction Project Scheduling and the use of Precedence Diagram Networks.



Precedence Diagram Networks

Further development of CPM scheduling methods in the 1960s produced the Precedence Diagram Method, or PDM. As previously stated, arrow diagrams or i-j networks are referred to as “activity on arrow” schedules because the activity is designated as the arrow between two nodes. On the other hand, PDM schedules are referred to as “activity on node” schedules because activities are identified as nodes in the network and the arrows are represented as the logical interrelationships between the nodes. PDM activities are frequently represented as boxes and PDM networks are often referred to as “logic” diagrams. Time-scaled PDM networks are often drawn or plotted to resemble bar charts with the logic between activities added. Regardless of presentation, usage of PDM is very popular today.

There are distinct differences between ADM and PDM networks, primarily in the type and representation of logical interrelationships in the networks. To add necessary logic into an ADM network that cannot be accomplished solely through the use of defined work activities, “dummy” activities are used. Dummy activities are not used in PDM scheduling but are replaced by additional types of logical relationships such as “start-to-start” and “finish-to-finish” relationships. Essentially, the computation of early and late dates, calculation of float and identification of the critical path are the same between ADM and PDM networks.

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