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Construction Damages Expert Analysis Methods

Damages Matrix

The Three-dimensional Damages Matrix is a construction damages analysis model that has been utilized by the construction damages experts at Holloway Consulting Group since 1997, and represents the most advanced construction damages analysis technique in the industry.

Construction Damages Experts | Analysis Methods | Holloway

This damages model is designed to allow the expert to analyze all costs incurred by the contractor and is based on the Modified Total Cost Method to damage analysis, which is accepted by experts in all construction dispute resolution forums. A primary goal of the model is to distribute budgets, damages and costs into three dimensions or elements:

1. Damage analysis components,

2. Project work activities, and,

3. Cost categories.

This analytical methodology was designed to confirm that the sum of the parts, and/or claims, does not exceed the overall variance between the Contractor’s Total Revenue and In-place Value of the work. The In-place Value of the work is defined as the total of all costs incurred by the Contractor on the job, excluding overhead and profit.

This analytical methodology can and should be applied by the damages expert, not only at the total project level, but also at the cost account and sub-account levels.  For example, this method can be applied at the wage rate level or at the wage rate component level.

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