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The Holloway Consulting Group, LLC has worked as a consultant or expert witness on several hundred of Construction Contract Claims around the globe involving projects valued at over $15 billion. These contract forms included Design Build – Turnkey Agreements – EPC Agreements; General Contractor/Owner Contracts; General Contractor/Subcontractor Contracts; Construction Management Contracts; and Prime Contracts, among others.

Also, see our Contractor Claim Types page.


In our experience, claims have been made under every type of engineering, design and construction contract and submitted in many different forms. The vast majority of claims are related in some manner to a Contract Changes and Change Orders. Changes claims come in many different forms with the most common being unapproved or rejected change order requests and/or change orders. Mr. Holloway has written a series of articles on change orders and their causes, which were published by Wiley Law and can be found at our Em@il Construction Reporter newsletter page.

Common types of claims examined in detail at our two web sites, here at hcgexperts.com and disputesinconstruction.com include:




Other common claims include bid errors, defective work, liquidated damages, contract termination and fraud.


Each of the hundreds of claims we have worked have been caused by events that often fall into one of the following categories:

  • Errors
  • Misunderstandings
  • Ego/ pride
  • Greed
  • Overzealous contract interpretation
  • Retaliation


Holloway Consulting is most often retained as the construction claims expert witness when a law suit or demand for arbitration has been filed or when a construction causation and damages expert is otherwise needed. Although we are most often retained to analyze engineering, design and construction issues, we also often perform cost estimation, analysis of actual construction costs and the calculation of indirect damages, direct damages, and consequential damages. We work for whomever calls us, show no favoritism, and work for plaintiffs and defendants; owners and contractors; engineers and architects.


Our claims and advisory services have been performed on most types of construction projects including:

Correctional and Detention Facilities
Education, University and School Projects
Government Contracts
Hospitals, Health Care and Medical facilities
Hotels and Resorts
Hydrocarbon and Chemical Processing
Infrastructure/Civil Construction/Roads/Bridges/Highways
Institutional Projects
Office Buildings
Pipelines and Related Facilities
Power Generation
Renovation/Restoration Projects
Residential (single, multi-family, assisted living)
Sports Stadiums and Sporting Facilities
Waste/water Treatment

Please contact us at (303) 984-1941 about your construction project.

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