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Holloway Consulting is a construction services firm, not an expert witness directory. As testifying experts, we understand that the weight of construction expert witness opinion and construction expert testimony relies on the credibility afforded that expert witness by arbiters, judges and juries. We have watched opposing expert witnesses struggle in deposition and at trial, often trying in vain to build credibility from backgrounds that exclude the necessary project experience. Thus, panels and judges have concluded that “Mr. Holloway is one of the world’s leading construction experts.” (See Steve Holloway’s CV).


Holloway’s expert witnesses have significant experience in providing expert presentations at settlement and mediation, and expert testimony at arbitration and trial. We offer personnel who have convincing credentials to serve as a construction expert witness for a particular litigation case. In addition to possessing the ability to command facts and knowledge, our construction experts are skilled communicators with experience testifying before judges, juries and arbitrators on engineering, design, and claims and disputes topics.

We are skilled at simplifying complex technical information, regardless of the level of sophistication of the audience. Our expert witnesses frequently employ visual information such as graphs, charts, video and broadcast media to better support our expert testimony. Our claims expert witnesses can also provide assistance to construction lawyers in preparing other witnesses to enhance their credibility and effectiveness.


Holloway is also retained in construction litigation and arbitration when our clients need a non-testifying construction expert to provide an objective analysis of entitlement, causation and damages.

Holloway Consulting
Construction Expert Witnesses
12081 W. Alameda Pkwy., #450
Lakewood, CO 80228-2701
Denver Phone: (303) 984-1941
International : (888) 545-0666
Fax: (303) 716-0432

Email: steve.holloway@disputesinconstruction.com
Blog: disputesinconstruction.com
Web: hcgexperts.com


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