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Examples of the projects Holloway has worked on as Construction Defects Experts in EIFS-related disputes include:

1.    Defending the Project Manager/Construction Manager at Rutgers stadium in New Jersey regarding alleged defects in, amongst other things, the fabrication, installation and construction of the exterior insulated finish system (“EIFS”) located on the plaza level of the Stadium.

2.    Representing the plaintiff in an action against the architect on a hotel in Louisiana, wherein the hotel experienced mold infestation during construction.

3.    Working for the Owner, prepared repair recommendations for a damaged EIFS system at a retail chain store in Littleton, Colorado.

4.    Performed quality/assurance review of architectural EIFS and brick veneer system design for a university campus administration and classroom building near Reno, Nevada.  

5.    Performed forensic review of EIFS skin design, window design, and construction for a thirteen story condominium structure in San Francisco, California.

6.    Representing the plaintiff in an action against the builder/developer, identified deviations from manufacturers recommendations in an EIFS skin at a single family home in Greeley, Colorado.

7.    Performed peer review forensic services as well as services for defendants in several cases involving modified stucco systems with foam trim and molding details covered by traditional stucco.


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