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Construction Consultants Experts Electronics SCADA Projects Disputes

Some of Holloway’s experience on electronics, telecommunications and SCADA projects are shown below. Other cases are on our Electronics and Telecommunication Disputes site:

AMPS Cellular Telephone Litigation; California

This case involved the cellphone’s developer’s lawsuit against our client the cellphone manufacturer for schedule delays and lost profits. Holloway performed a CPM schedule delay analysis and found that the PCB layout and design was the primary critical path of development, not manufacturing.  And, there were concurrent critical paths (unrelated to manufacturing) through the PCB manufacturing, proof of design and resolution of the numerous software and design problems. The manufacturer did not delay the FCC approval date or the cellphone shipment date and the manufacturer’s procurement activities, or lack of them, did not delay the cellphone shipment date. The developer sold the cellphone to the public as soon as it believed it was technically suitable for sale and when it had FCC approval. The arbiter agreed with our analysis and testimony.

The details of the cases below will be provided in the near future.

SCADA microwave communications network; Saudi Arabia


Satellite telecommunications; Colorado


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