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Florida Construction Claims Litigation Consultant Expert Witness

This page is for Florida and Gulf Coast clients seeking to retain a Construction Claims Expert or Litigation Consultant or Expert Witness.

Holloway Consulting is a Construction Consulting Firm with offices in Louisiana and Colorado, providing services to law firms, public agencies, developers, owners, design professionals, construction managers, general and trade contractors, in both U.S. and Non-U.S. locations.

We have extensive experience working in Florida both as General Contractor and Consultant/Expert Witness.

$20 million custom home, Naples, Florida

The dispute arose as costs exceeded the $3.8 million budget, and litigation arose when costs reached the $15 million range. The Owner couldn’t understand why costs had risen so high; and the Contractor couldn’t understand why the Owner didn’t understand how and when the scope and costs had changed so significantly. Read more . . .

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort Hotel, Disneyland, Florida

Holloway was a member of the General Contractor’s staff on this job.

Hurricane repair damages, Miami and South Florida

Holloway has worked as the hurricane repair damage and insurance coverage consultant on various matters.

Business Center, Pompano Beach, Florida

The Holloway Consulting Group was retained by the Owners to perform an audit of costs and cost-related documents associated with the construction of the Business Center Building and the associated roadway. The purpose of the audit was to:

1.    Determine if the costs charged to the Owner were allocable to the job and reimbursable under the terms of the contract,
2.    Determine the final cost of the work,
3.    Determine final payment to the Contractor, and, if appropriate,
4.    Allocate any cost savings.

Metro Dade Police Headquarters Facility, Dade County, Florida

Holloway was a member of the General Contractor’s staff on this job.

New High School, North Palm Beach, Florida

Holloway was a member of the General Contractor’s staff on this job.

Contact Holloway about your Florida projects

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Holloway Consulting
Consultants and Expert Witnesses
12081 W. Alameda Pkwy., #450
Lakewood, CO 80228-2701
Denver Phone: (303) 984-1941
International : (888) 545-0666
Fax: (303) 716-0432

Email: steve.holloway@disputesinconstruction.com
Blog: disputesinconstruction.com
Web: hcgexperts.com

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Water Pipeline, Tampa

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