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Standard of Care – Construction Contractor – Manager

This page has been written and published for those clients seeking to retain a contractor standard of care expert, construction management standard of practice, or project management standard of care expert.

Contractors, construction managers, and project managers are often sued in construction litigation for their failure to meet the standards of care that apply to their professions. Failure to meet the standard of care is negligence, and any damages resulting therefrom may be claimed in construction disputes and construction litigation.

The experience and expertise gained while working in the field on construction projects as engineers, contractors and construction managers on projects around the world valued at over $20 billion provides Holloway Consulting with the necessary credibility in providing expert analysis, reports and testimony in construction litigation and construction disputes involving standard of care.

Holloway Consulting’s services have addressed many issues related to contractor practices and standards, and construction and project management services including analysis and opinions on:

  • Construction Management Standards of Practice;
  • Project Management Standards of Practice;
  • Construction industry standards and practices;
  • Best practices in construction;
  • Misrepresentation;
  • Substandard construction operations, such as deficient staffing, deficient subcontract management, cost estimation errors, deficient job scheduling, etc.;
  • Excessive or fraudulent billings.

Holloway Consulting has also been engaged as the contractor standard of care expert on a number of cases where the owner argued that the general contractor had failed to fulfill its fiduciary or higher duties under custom forms and standard form contracts, specifically Guaranteed Maximum Price and Cost-Plus contracts.


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