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This page is for construction industry clients seeking to hire a construction consulting firm and international construction expert on a project in a location outside of the United States.

Holloway Consulting Group’s consultants have built international projects and provided claims and dispute resolution services on large international projects in a variety of locations outside of the United States including:

Canada – This dispute involved the construction of a 36” and 42″ high pressure natural gas pipeline from British Columbia to Chicago.

India – This dispute involved the construction of on-shore natural gas pipelines and compressor stations.

Jamaica – This project involved open case bauxite mining and alumina smelting.

Kuwait – This dispute involved a contractor’s claim to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on Post-Desert Storm rebuilding of a destroyed airport and surrounding infrastructure.

Mexico – This project involved copper ore mining and smelting EPC issues.

Saudi Arabia – This work involved a wide range of claims and disputes on on-shore gas/oil separation plants (GOSP) and pipelines, and off-shore oil and gas platforms and pipelines.

Venezuela – This dispute involved a contractor’s claim against the oil company on off-shore oil and gas platforms and pipelines.

Our international consultants have provided and served in, and most of these contract disputes were resolved in, International Arbitration, under ICC jurisdiction.

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