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Scholarly Articles Newsletters – Construction Claims Disputes Litigation

Since 1997, the Holloway Consulting Group’s E-m@il Construction Reporter newsletter has been distributed periodically to clients and subscribers worldwide. Our newsletter covers a wide variety of construction topics such as construction contract disputes, design, engineering, disputes, claims, change order management, CPM critical path methods, and many others.

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136. Termination for Convenience

135. Expert Reports

134. Construction Project Scheduling

133. Differing Site Conditions Claims

132. Defective Contract Documents

131. Avoiding Claims in Fixed Price Contracts

130. Construction Schedule Acceleration

129. Waiver and Reservation in Change Orders

128. Cost Estimating and Disputes

127. Superior Knowledge

126. Compressing Power and Industrial Project Schedules

125. Effect of Scheduled Overtime on Labor Productivity

124. Construction Labor Productivity Analysis (CII)

123. Construction Schedule Compression Methods

122. Construction Damages Analysis Methods

121. Home Office Overhead Claims

93. New Law Effecting Construction Contractor Direct Labor Claims

81c. (Part 3) Contract Documents That Lead To Changes, Change Orders, and Disputes

81b. Part 2) Contract Documents That Lead To Changes, Change Orders, and Disputes

81a. (Part 1) Contract Documents That Lead To Changes, Change Orders, and Disputes

80. The Measured Mile Revisited—What You Should Know

79. How Experts (and Attorneys) Have Shot Themselves In The Foot! (Part 1)

Holloway’s articles listed below will be posted here periodically. It took 25 years to write them so it’ll take a while more to post them!:

78. Construction Scheduling, Chapter 4
77. Labor Productivity Studies
76. The Current Status of Home Office Claims Under Federal Law
75. Subscriber Responses – Part III
74. Is Contractor Work Pacing a Concurrent Delay?
73. Controlling Mold During Construction
72. Three Types of Change Order Costs
71. Risks in Conceptual Estimating
70. Mold I
69. Subcontracting in the 2000s, Part II
68. Subcontracting in the 2000s, Part I
67. New Law on Eichleay Damages
66. Subscriber Responses to ECR
65. Two Requisites for Entitlement of Home Office Overhead
64. Change Order Discovery Checklist
63. Contract Interpretation, Part II
62. Contract Interpretation, Part I
61. Disputes in Fixed Price Contracts
60. Owner Responsibilities
59. Common Mistakes in Construction Cost Estimating
58. General Contractor Responsibilities
57. Will Your Schedule Analysis Survive?
56. Should AIA Contracts be Revised?
55. The Architect: 10 Categories of Responsibility
54. Comparative Analysis in Professional Liability Claims
53. Liquidated Damages
52. Finding Change Orders in Plans and Specs, Part III
51. Finding Change Orders in Plans and Specs, Part II
50. Cost-Plus Contracts, Contractor Perspectives
49. Finding Change Orders in Plans and Specs, Part I
48. Finding Change Orders in the Bid and Award Process
47. Finding Change Orders in Pre-bid Conditions
46. Construction Scheduling, Chapter 3
45. Cost-Plus Contract Disputes: An Owner’s Perspective
44. Schedule Compression, Part III
43. Residential Construction Disputes
42. Defending Your Clients Against Labor Productivity Claims
41. Finding Change Orders in Your Client’s Contract
40. Construction Scheduling (Chapter 2)
39. Methods of Construction Progress Measurement
38. Waiver and Reservation of Rights in Change Orders
37. Lessons Learned, Part II
36. Lessons Learned, Part I
35. Schedule Compression, Part II
34. Construction Scheduling, Chapter I
33. Impossibility of Performance
32. Schedule Compression, Part I
31. Defective Contract Documents
30. Delay Mitigation
29. Constructive changes
28. Cardinal Change
27. Acceleration
26. GC/CM Standard of Care, Part I
25. Contractor Claims in 2001
24. Craft Labor Productivity
23. How to Calculate a Settlement Offer
22. Supreme Court Signals End to Total Cost/Time Claims
21. Subscriber Responses, Part I
20. Total Cost and Modified Total Cost Damage Analysis
19. Time Impact Schedule Analysis
18. The Impacted As-planned Schedule Analysis
17. Window or Update Analysis
16. The But-for Schedule Analysis Schedule
15. Recovery in Terminated Contracts
14. The Role of Cost Estimates in Contract Disputes
13. Concurrency and Causal Events
12. Overview of Delay Analysis Terms and Concepts
11. Defending Building Product Manufacturers in Multi-Party Construction Defect Actions
10. Limitation of Liability Clauses
9. Investigating Construction Defects
8. Types of Construction Failures
7. International Construction Contracts
6. Important New “Miller Act” Changes
5. Changes You Should Know About in AIA Document A201 General Conditions
4. Did F3d Kill Overhead Recovery Via Eichleay?
3. Determining the Final Cost of the Work
2. Is the Contractor a Fiduciary of the Owner?
1. Two New Tests in Home Office Overhead Claims

Revised and Reissued Newsletters

R2. Pitfalls in Cost-Plus Contracts
R3. Owner’s Need to Determine the Final Cost of the Work
R14. Role of Cost Estimates and Project Management in Disputes
R24. Craft Labor Productivity – Part I
R30. Mitigation of Contract Claims through Schedule Administration
R32. Compressing Petrochemical and Industrial Time Frames, Part I
R34. Construction Scheduling, Chapter 1
R35. Compressing Petrochemical and Industrial Time Frames, Part II
R40. Construction Scheduling, Chapter 2
R41. Finding Change Orders in Your Client’s Contract
R42. Defending Your Client Against Labor Productivity Claims
R44. Schedule Compression, Part III
R46. Construction Scheduling, Chapter 3
R47. Finding Change Orders in Pre-Bid Conditions
R48. Sources of Change Orders in the Bid and Award Process
R49. Finding Change Orders in Plans and Specs, Part I
R51. Finding Change Orders in Plans and Specs, Part II
R52. Finding Change Orders in Plans and Specs, Part III
R55. Architectural / Design Issues in Disputes, Part I
R57. Will the Court Reject Your Delay Expert?
R68. Minimizing Subcontractor Financial Exposure, Part I
R69B. Minimizing Subcontractor Financial Exposure, Part II

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