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Construction Advisory – Project Management PMO PMA

This site is for owners seeking to hire a construction consultant to assist in employing Project Management Assistance and Project Oversight.

As large capital projects have become increasing complex and risky, it is important that owners manage projects in an effective manner. In order to improve the probability of successful completion and to assess the potential for imprudent management leading to schedule delays, cost overruns and claims, owners are employing an approach known as Project Management Assistance or Project Management Oversight. PMA/PMO is a service performed by experienced Holloway Consulting professionals who provide independent checks and evaluations of the owner’s management process and the performance of team members.


The objective of PMA/PMO is to provide additional tools for the owner’s use to ensure that cost, schedule and quality objectives are met. Whether initiated at the outset or well into performance, our oversight and management services can help our owner clients meet the challenges of the project delivery process and achieve their overall project goals. Our professionals focus on monitoring critical project developments, reporting project progress to management, and providing timely recommendations for resolving performance issues that may affect project success. Services in this area include:

  1. Independent project oversight of CM, GC or contractor performance
  2. Assistance with procurement, contract negotiation and contract administration
  3. Cost forecasts and cash flow analyses
  4. Development of project schedules and performance tracking systems
  5. Detailed cost tracking and schedule analyses to assess progress and risks
  6. Monitoring of scope changes and management of change order process
  7. Preparation of management reports of key project performance indicators
  8. Recommendations for performance solutions to protect project budget and schedule


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