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Construction Damages Expert Labor Productivity Analysis

Chemical Plant | Construction Dispute

Holloway Consulting’s client was the owner of the Surfactants plant project, who also acted as the manager of the work which was let under various prime construction contracts. Toward the end of the project, the electrical prime contractor submitted a construction claim to the owner seeking the recovery of damages resulting from schedule delays and lost labor productivity.

Construction Damages | Labor Productivity Analysis

The primary issue was whether or not electrical craft labor productivity was adversely affected by factors such as owner change orders, winter temperatures, high summer time humidity, stacking of trades, and overtime. Holloway Consulting found that, while these causal factors caused the contractor to incur additional man-hours and dollars, neither the Contractor nor its expert offered any opinions on the affect of these factors on, or their relationship if any to, the contractor’s bid, budget, final rates/costs or final project financial position.

Steve Holloway testified at arbitration as the owner’s sole designated construction expert witness to all issues relating to schedule delay, craft labor productivity and damages. The plaintiff electrician’s construction expert was a noted craft labor productivity expert and professor from the east coast.

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