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This site is for construction industry clients seeking to hire a construction claims expert in commercial general liability insurance claim or surety bond claim matters.


Holloway Consulting provides consulting and expert witness services to sureties in situations where the owner or contractor has filed a claim against a surety bond, and/or in circumstances wherein the insured’s contract has been terminated or may be terminated for either convenience or cause, or is likely to be terminated. In these situations, Holloway Consulting has been asked by the surety to advise as, for example:

  • Whether to complete the terminated or defaulted construction work in accordance with original contract terms and conditions, or to obtain bids and require the owner or contractor to complete the remaining construction work;
  • The cost and value of the construction work performed and the work remaining to be completed;
  • Whether or not the insured’s contract termination, contract default, performance problems and the disposition of the work resulted from excusable and/or non-excusable causes.

In circumstances where the surety elects to complete the work of the principal or insured, Holloway Consulting can either assist with the management of the completion of the defaulted work. We can assume the roles of Project Manager, Project Scheduler and/or Cost/Financial Analyst.


Holloway Consulting provides insurance services for principals in situations where a claim has been filed against the builders risk, or general liability policy. Our construction claims and disputes services have involved assessments of property damage and other damages resulting from the event(s).

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