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The Construction Management Consultants at Holloway Consulting assist clients with management of the project, cost and financial control, and cost and contract performance audits.

Some of our experiences as GC, CM and PM can be seen at our Construction Management Experience page:


Our Construction Management Services practice provides the following services:


Claims in Construction – LIQUIDATED DAMAGES

Holloway Consulting provides a wide range of services associated with Claims in Construction. Some of Holloway Consulting’s past projects and cases are shown at Construction Cases and Construction Consulting Engagements.

This post continues Holloway Consulting’s series on the construction claims services we provide on project scheduling matters.



Holloway Consulting is an international construction consulting firm providing construction claims consultant services to a wide range of clients. Some of Holloway Consulting’s past projects and cases are shown at Construction Cases and Consulting Engagements.

This post continues Holloway Consulting’s series on the services we provide as a construction claims consultant in project scheduling matters […]

Construction Schedule Acceleration Claims Consulting Experts

Voluntary construction schedule acceleration by a contractor is typically not compensable. But, what about those situations (and they are fairly common) where the contractor accelerates the work to overcome BOTH non-compensable AND compensable factors? It seems logical (although we cannot refer you to specific legal authority) that in these situations a portion of the contractor’s […]

Construction contractor schedule acceleration claims consulting expert!?

Holloway Consulting is a recognized construction schedule acceleration and claims expert, and we are providing a series of eight to ten articles here on this popular construction contractor claim entitlement.

Construction contractor schedule acceleration claims consulting expert

Contract Provisions

Directed Acceleration

Constructive Acceleration

Contractual Notice

Acceleration Costs

Concurrent Delays


Construction Claims Experts CHEMICAL Plant Colorado

Construction Disputes Experts | CHEMICAL PROCESSING | COLORADO EPC Contract Dispute Summary

The case involved a construction contract dispute between the EPC/R&D contractor (Holloway Consulting’s client), and the owner of the project in Colorado. The primary issue was whether or not our client, the EPC/R&D contractor, was entitled to an increase in the contract price […]

Construction Damages Expert Labor Productivity Analysis

Chemical Plant | Construction Dispute

Holloway Consulting’s client was the owner of the Surfactants plant project, who also acted as the manager of the work which was let under various prime construction contracts. Toward the end of the project, the electrical prime contractor submitted a construction claim to the owner seeking the recovery of damages […]

Construction Consulting Services

Celebrating Our 18th Year

When the founders of The Holloway Consulting Group opened the firm’s doors in early 1997, they could hardly have imagined the journey they were beginning. The firm had just one principal then – Steve Holloway, who had established a reputation in Louisiana and internationally based on the management of construction […]