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Differing Site Conditions Claims – Types 1 and 2

Holloway Consulting are construction claim consultants and expert witnesses providing construction contract claim services to all parties in the industry. Please see our INDUSTRY SECTOR page

Over the past 22 years, either Steve Holloway or another staff member have been certified as an expert before arbitration panels and courts in each of the 16 claim […]


The Holloway Consulting Group, LLC is an international construction consulting firm. We have posted a series of articles here at hcgexperts.com on how we work as Construction Claims Consultants to assist and advise our contractor clients on the resolution of construction claims and disputes. We have also posted a Contractor Claim Entitlements summary at disputesinconstruction.com. […]


The Holloway Consulting Group, LLC is an international construction consulting firm. We have posted an extensive series of posts here at hcgexperts.com on how we work as construction consultants to assist and consult with our contractor clients on the resolution of construction claims and disputes.

We have also posted a contractor claim entitlements summary […]

Construction Subcontractor Claims Consultant

As Construction Claims Consultants, Holloway Consulting consults and advises contractor-clients on whether to subcontract all work, perform all work using direct-hire a labor force, or use a combination of direct-hire and subcontractors. Direct-hire craft personnel may be hired under either union or open shop rules. If all work is to be subcontracted, the contractor’s options […]

Holloway Consulting Construction Project Claims Experts Disputes Consultants


General contractors and subcontractors often pursue and bid new work without giving adequate consideration as to whether the contract scope of work really fits their experience and capabilities. These contractors often attempt to perform a certain type of work or complete a specific type of project for the […]


This series of articles on construction claims provides suggestions, from a general contractor’s perspective, on some of the ways to avoid financial losses, claims and disputes in fixed-price construction project contracts. These suggestions reflect mistakes made by contractors on several hundred construction projects we have worked on over the past 40 years.

Complimentary articles on […]

Construction Consulting Schedule Acceleration Costs

The final requirement for recovery of damages in a constructive schedule acceleration claim is that the contractor shows a causal relationship between his claimed costs and his attempt to speed-up the completion of the work. An accepted way to accomplish this is through a critical path method (CPM) construction schedule analysis. If the construction contractor […]


To preserve his/her rights in a construction schedule acceleration claim, the general contractor (or construction subcontractor, as the case may be) should provide timely written notice within the terms of the contract of any excusable delay, and also meet any requirements for notice of acceleration, whether ordered or constructive.

A noteworthy element in these […]

Construction Schedule Experts | Constructive Acceleration

An important factor in constructive schedule acceleration is that the construction contractor is compelled to perform more rapidly than required by the original or adjusted schedule, therefore entitling him to recovery under the provisions of the contract. A common way for contractor’s to attempt to show the date to which the contractor is entitled to […]